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El Arka

EL ARKA is a Venezuelan Hip-Hop Crew based out of Miami since end 2014. Together, itoYAboi, OzKilla and Polo make up EL ARKA. They are all of Venezuelan descent and create a unique sound which is a fusion of Salso/Cumbia Roots with Hip-Hop influences. A vanguard movement which promises to be the next chapter of Latin Fusion Hip-Hop.

Since their inception

EL ARKA has made major power moves, such as achieving permanent radio rotation in Venezuela with multiple singles, 3 multi-city West Coast Tours alongside established artists (Gondwana and then twice with Dread Mar I), a collaborative album with Grammy winning Producer MAFFIO, and many musical collabora- tions with producers and artists such as: Amigos Invisibles, Hugo Diaz, Young Hollywood, JhonPaul El Increible, JenCarlos Canela, Papayo, Maffio, Budu and many more . Showing no signs of slowing down, EL ARKA has been building a healthy and organic following in Venezuela, Miami and California with their sights firmly set on the World!

This is the dawn of a new musical era, this is EL ARKA.

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Portandote Mal - ft. Nelson El Toro

Te Fallé - ft. Allanai Lucci

Mi Tierra

Cumbia Latina



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Portandote Mal - El Arka ft. Nelson El Toro

Cumbia Latina

Mi Tierra